Hi Friends!

Thanks for stopping by at our church’s website. If you’re residing in Bukit Rimau, Kota Kemuning or any areas nearby and do not have a regular church, do come and join us in one of our Sunday Worship Service. We’re positive that you’ll have a warm and meaningful experience.

LMHC is a family friendly church. We worship together both young and old in an inter-generational service. After the service, there are programmes catering specifically for children and youth, as we believe it is important to nurture the next generation. We also meet every Friday in Cell Groups which will not only allow you to experience a close spiritual friendship but also help you to grow in your faith and to live it out.

If you’re visiting us, do stay back and have a chat with us over coffee or tea. I’d love to spend a few moments to talk and pray with you. Finally, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Looking forward to have you with us! God bless!

Pastor Teoh Lee Yng