Living Hope Methodist Church 

Thanksgiving Sharing on 8th February 2015.



We give all glory and praise to God , our heavenly Father, for preparing us and journeying with us all this time in Living Hope. We pray with confidence that He will soon make Living Hope a full-fledge church, or local conference in Methodist terms.

I shall begin my thanksgiving sharing by acknowledging that though the initiative of starting Living Hope came largely from one man, the Rev. Dr. Jeyakumar, our TRAC President, we believe that it had been the Lord God  who had been preparing and laying the foundations all along.   Dr. Jeya had mooted the idea of setting up a church to touch lives and bring Gospel hope to the communities in Kota Kemuning, Bukit Rimau, Kemuning Utama and neighboring housing estates which had blossomed in the last few years.

He had prayed over this for about 6 years before he fast-track efforts to gather an initial team of about 14 believers, mainly Methodists, who had settled in  the neighborhoods mentioned, who are willing and dedicated to the task he had challenged them to do.  These Christian brothers and sisters are members of different churches, coming from Wesley M.C. Klang, Trinity M.C. PJ, Wesley M.C. KL, EMC PJ, and later others from DUMC, P.J. And SSMC came to lend their support.    These are people, some with a lot of church work experience and some with more willing heart than experience, who come united to serve.  They have different gifting, from administration to music, from children and youth ministry to prayer, worship and small group leading, all in place for the smooth running of a small church.

It is remarkable that these persons from different backgrounds and churches can come together seamlessly and organize the smooth running of Living Hope, and have done this for one full year now.     We see God answering prayers and His hand at work all this while, otherwise how else can we come to this stage of progress of Living Hope.   I would want to believe that it was no coincidence that the year that God moved Rev. Jeya to be TRAC President was the year that he began planning work for Living Hope.   And then there was, still is, the all important matter of having sufficient finance.      Much funding and resources for the renovation of the church premises had come from anonymous donors largely through the tireless efforts of Ms. Jenny Qua, Rev. Jeyakumar and bro. Alan Yong, our TRAC Selangor district Lay-leader.

Living Hope thank them and all those who contributed so generously.  We also thank churches of the Selangor District Conference which had helped financially and in other ways, especially EMC PJ who graciously accepted to be our foster mother church.

But above all we thank the Lord, our gracious God, without whose grace and love Living Hope would not have succeeded even as a preaching point.

Sister Ida Khoo had very ably written an article chronicling the sequence of team meetings and efforts leading to the formation of  LHMC (or LHMPP), as well as the pains before the joy of seeing the church come into existence.   Her article, or an edited version of it, had been published some time in mid-2014 in Berita TRAC.

I have also presented a Report of Living Hope Methodist Preaching Point (LHMPP) to the TRAC Selangor District Conference, on 26th Sept. 2014, regarding our church activities after inauguration and for approval to become a local conference when we are ready.

I will instead now introduce to you the present Living Hope executive team, so that we can not only acknowledge their service to God & church, but also so that we can together pray to receive God’s grace of wisdom, love, patience and selfless humility to serve for the rest of the year and beyond.     I would appreciate it if the persons whose names I am going to mention stand briefly so that the congregation can know you.

We are thankful to the Lord for our new pastor, Miss Teoh Lee Yng who joined us since 1st Jan 2015, and I believe she will help Living Hope grow in Christ and touch lives in this sprawling community in Shah Alam, bringing hope in Christ.      I introduce her to you as the first member of the team, (Rev. Jeya wants only to be known as an ex-officio of the LH Committee).


We have Margaret Khoo working then and now as our tireless and very able church administrator.

Our honorary Treasurer: Peter Low Chin Siang

Prayer and CG:    Archie and Dorita Sitther

Music and Worship:       Dr. Lau Teck Chai

Church School Superintendent:     Mary Chan

Youth fellowship:    Ian and Janice Lau

Multimedia & AV:   Cheah Lu Shun

Publication and Webmaster:    Sharma Charles Naidu

Unofficial PPRC chairperson:

Property and Maintenance:   Dr. Chan Chee Yan  (also the committee chairperson).

Christian Education: Dr. Chan Chee Yan


The LHMC team in 2015

We are also thankful to God that many others in the church had also served faithfully and they are drawn from the different families coming to Living Hope.

Roy lead the music team consisting of T.C. Lau, Joanne Chan, Dorita Sitthers, Jewel Naidu, and myself.

Our youthful scripture readers every Sunday come from  Si Chai & Michael Bailey’s family, the Charles and Jocelyn’s family, and Sharon and Sharma’s family.      Si Chai, Michael, Sharon Naidu, Charles, & Jocelyn also serve regularly as ushers, together with Desmond Nelson, Gilbert Hiew and Lai Ting,  Hock Heng, Geok Bee and Helen.  

We thank the Lord for each and everyone of them, and  each will have their own story to tell of how God brought them to serve.  Now we have more members and visitors and the Church is making a significant impact within the Kota Kemuning and Bukit Rimau community.    We pray that God will continue to bring in more people willing  to serve and continue to make Living Hope a family friendly church, which we pride ourselves to be even now.


All Praise and Glory to our Father in Heaven.